1. Do I need to file one for all exchanges where my assets went over $10,000 USD during the year?

    An FBAR only needs to be filed for foreign exchanges, NOT U.S. exchanges
  2. My CPA or tax preparer isn't filing for me. Where can I file myself?

    Go here to file it as an individual
  3. What is my exchange account number? I can't find it

    If you can't find the account number for your crypto exchange account you can use your SSN. It's already included earlier in the form so it shouldn't be giving away any additional information.
  4. What is the max USD value during the year?

    Max account value for each exchange you traded on can be found in the top row of your TokenTax FBAR report
  5. Which of my exchanges are foreign?

    Check here
  6. What is the address of the exchange?

    If you can't find an address, putting at least the country where the exchange is domiciled (from the list above) is better than nothing
  7. Need more help? Check the FINCEN filing instructions here:
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