We can work with you to seamlessly file your taxes in TurboTax.

TurboTax expects you to upload your transactions in their Desktop app with a TXF file.

Note: You cannot import a TXF file into TurboTax Online. If you want to use the on-line version you could e-file your return and then print out your 8949 and send it separately.

How to import your transactions into TurboTax

  1. Click Personal Income
  2. I’ll choose what I work on
  3. Investment income
  4. Stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other
  5. Click “Yes” for have you sold any investments in 2017
  6. Then click “Yes” for did you get a 1099 (even if your exchanges didn’t give you one)
  7. Scroll down below the financial partners window and select “I’ll import a TXF form”
  8. Then select the .txf file you saved with your 2017 capital gains and losses


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